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Electropure EDI ElectrodeionisationVertex Hydropore supplies standard off the shelf models and turn key Electrodeionisation water treatment solutions. We are partnered with ElectropureŽ  who have over 25 years experience in EDI technology.

Electrodeionisation units can be supplied as stand alone units, skid mounted plant including reverse osmosis equipment and enclosed cabinet models.

ElectropureŽ electrodeionisation is an economical and easy way to produce high purity deionised water.

How does electrodeionisation water treatment work?

Click here to see Electrodeionisation theory. 

Electrodeionisation EDI uses electrical current to continuously regenerate an internal resin bed. EDI eliminates the need for regeneration chemicals or exchange tank services. Operation is continuous without any downtime. ElectropureŽ EDI operates with minimal power consumption and other operating costs. When installed correctly modern ElectropureŽ EDI systems are exceptionally reliable.

ElectropureŽ EDI units are available in industrial, sanitary and sanitary heat sanitizable configurations. 

Product flow rates range from 50 to 150,000 litres per hour.

Product water quality up to 18 megohm.cm can be achieved.



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