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Vertex Hydropore supplies standard off the shelf models and turn key Ozone water treatment solutions. Ozone generator

Ozone generators can be supplied as stand alone modules, skid mounted plant including pretreatment equipment, enclosed cabinet models and transportable shipping containers.

How is Ozone made? Click here to see How Ozone Is Made?

Ozone is a highly unstable molecule made up of three oxygen atoms i.e. O3. Given any opportunity it will release one oxygen atom to return the molecule to oxygen i.e. O2. The released ozone atom is highly efficient in reacting with organic compounds and micro-organisms. It is a very efficient disinfectant. Ozone gas it is readily dissolved into water. It has a half life of approximately 15 minutes for water @ 25 degrees Celcius .i.e. after 15 minutes the ozone concentration is halved. Ozone's residue is oxygen. By products of ozone reation with organic compounds are carbon dioxide and water.

Ozone gas can be introduced into water using a simple venturi that achieves aproximately 20% efficiency or a gas / liquid mixing pump that achieves approximately 80% efficiency.

Vertex Hydropore supplies Ozone Generator water treatment equipment with capacities of 0.5 to 60 grams per hour.





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